Dinner Under the Stars

(Experienced September 21, 2008)
One night we went for a drive north of Waikaloa and followed our GPS to seafood, and a very luxurious hotel. We found ourselves at the Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel and as the valet parked our car we were afraid of what we had gotten ourselves into. We walked up to the Coast Grille and took a look at the menu. It looked expensive but we saw seafood and decided to give ourselves a treat. The hostess sat us outside under the stars and they were so beautiful. It looked like you could just reach up and touch them. We had blue water glasses too, which I love.

We started our meal with a bowl of Kona Lobster Bisque. It was a dark orange with some white creme fraiche drizzled over the top. There was a distinct spice to it, but with a hint of nutmeg that you could taste right before the subtle spice hit. Then I had the Diver Scallops with Edamame Succotash and Mashed Potatoes. The scallops were light and tasty. They were grilled just enough to be moist but had a flakiness. The succotash was a very good accompaniment because it was also light and made with edamame which is a classier substitute for the typical lima beans that are usually found in succotash. The potatoes were also a nice addition because with all of the different tastes it is good to have something buttery and familiar. To cap off the meal, I had the Chocolate Bread Pudding. It was like a warm chocolate pudding. This meal was one of our most expensive while in Hawaii but with the stars, the scallops, the bisque, the pudding and the blue water glasses, it was one of our most memorable.

Coast Grille, Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel, 62-100 Kauna’Oa Drive, Kamuela, HI, 808.880.1111


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