Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today was Valentine’s Day and we celebrated by going to dinner at the Irish Coffee Pub. The ambiance of the location was romantic. There were framed walls and crown molding that made the building look like a rich aunt’s house that was ornately decorated, but comfortable to sit in.

So, on to the food. They forgot to bring us bread, but I understood because it was a busy night. I began with the Potato Soup that they are famous for. It was good, but I am not sure it was “famously” good. It had chunks of potato in it and was powdery which showed that it was made from real potatoes. Then I had the house salad that had a Creamy Italian dressing on it. The dressing was light and complemented the bitterness of the different types of lettuce. Then, as my entree, I had the Scampi Emerald Isle. The shrimp were breaded in seasoned bread crumbs and laid in a garlic butter and white wine sauce. They were evenly salted and there were four jumbo shrimp; the perfect amount after salad and soup. The shrimp were accompanied by a vegetable medley, which was cooked just right, and mashed potatoes, which I felt needed a little more seasoning, so I dipped them in the garlic butter and white wine. Maybe they assumed that when they cooked and served it. I also had a glass of Riesling (my favorite wine), which is just the right amount of sweetness to have with dinner. All in all, dinner was enjoyable and the Irish Coffee Pub made our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple just a little more special.

Irish Coffee Pub, 131 Carleton Avenue, East Islip, NY, 631.277.0007


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