Gotta go to a Luau!

(Experienced September 16, 2008)
You cannot go to Hawaii without attending a luau; I mean really. A luau is the essence of Hawaii and what we, on the mainland, associate with the Pacific islands. So, we decided to go to The Drums of the Pacific at the Hyatt. They shared a little bit of history with us from all of the Polynesian Islands and doused the stories with dancing, fire and a fashion show too, oddly enough. I loved how the emcee pronounced Haleakala. It still echoes in my head.

There was a full buffet complete with green salad, Soba Noodles, Poi, rice, Kalua Pork, Ulupalakua Beef (notice I took the names of these dishes off of their website, who could remember Ulupalakua, never mind spell it) and tropical fruit. This food was amazing! The salad was fresh and good and the noodles were cold but I didn’t mind because they were supposed to be. The pork or Pua’a was moist like it had just fallen off the bone of the pig they roasted in the emu (underground oven). With the time constraints of the show, we knew that they didn’t cut up the pig that they showed us at the start of the luau, but we didn’t care because that was delicious, as was the beef. They marinated the beef in sweet Teriyaki sauce and it was tangy and juicy. I dipped mine in the Poi and enjoyed it. Poi is a paste that Hawaiians make from the taro root. It is sweet and bland at the same time and is an odd shade of lavender. The fruit in Hawaii is so good that when you bite into a slice of pineapple the juices drip down the sides of your mouth and you have to try to contain the fruit in your mouth because it may just burst out all over your new Hawaiian dress. I wore a red one to the luau and everyone knew where we were going. Ugh, tourists.

Best of all, it was open bar which made for an interesting night with our new friends Stephanie and Aaron, also newlyweds and also tropical beverage connoisseurs.

Drums of the Pacific Luau, Hyatt Hotel, 200 Nohea Kai Drive, Lahaina, HI, 808.661.1234


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