The inauguration of Yumness will begin with a land far far away … Hawaii. We loved it and the food honestly motivated this whole effort. Everything was so fresh and delicious that I just could not be disappointed with any dish I chose. The food was so good that I could have closed my eyes and just pointed to the menu and ate whatever the waiter or waitress brought and would have been happy as a clam … Mmm, clams.

(Experienced September 14, 2008)
So, let’s begin with the Westin Resort and Spa on Ka’anapali Beach. There is an adult pool on the upper deck that serves beverages and bites when the sun goes down. They formally call the menu “Moonlight Lounge Happy Hour” and apps are half off and so are drinks. Big win, if you ask me, because you could go broke if you were starving. We had the Sonoran Chicken Quesadillas and they were very tasty. They were the right mix of sweet and spicy, and perfect when paired with a Mai Tai. We just had to get two orders, of both. And, every drink comes with a slice of pineapple and an edible purple flower, so we ate those too.

Westin Resort and Spa, 2365 Ka’anapali Parkway, Lahaina, Maui, HI, 808.667.2525


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